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 Who we are

The content of this english website will no longer be updated.
Please select our current german website www.bundpol.de  

Here you can see the latest products and all new security gaps.  
Please translate the german page with the automatic Google Translator.

Bundpol Security Systems is a private security, consultancy and engineering company based in Berlin. Our main tasks are development and manufacturing of new and innovative security products for official authorities and industry at the level of federal state, national state and Europe.


The growing dynamics of our time and the increase in organized crime also increases the pressure on decision makers within these institutions to deal with these new security requirements as well as with the related realizations. We offer with our technical developments and services in the field of inner security also the cross-departmental development of innovative solutions with key priority of ensuring the practicability of the characteristics and the potential of our products.


For realization of this approach Bundpol makes use of existing interdisciplinary expertise, knowledge of the industry as well as a creative and unconventional approach.  Beside qualified technical development we also place great importance in organizing processes of change, together with and not “beside” the customer.


For innovations or not yet existing technical solutions for the realization of innovative products our development team has always an open ear. We are able to implement your ideas into action. Please talk to us.

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